Our Founders

It all started with two passionate people who fell in love with each other, California, the City & people of Burbank, and this business.

Milt Chortkoff


Milt Chortkoff was just nine months old when the stock market crashed in 1929, and times were tough for this son of an immigrant tailor growing up in Brooklyn. Milt suffered from asthma as a child, and eventually his parents followed a doctor’s recommendation to move to the West Coast in 1946. His father bought Hollyway Cleaners when they arrived in Los Angeles, and 17 year old Milt began delivering laundry and cleaning around Echo Park and Silverlake while attending Los Angeles City College. When he passed away in 2017 at age 88, Milt had devoted more than 70 years to the cleaning industry knowing that he had never let adversity get the best of him.Milt liked to say that his “official” career launch in the cleaning industry occurred delivering clothes for Hollyway in 1946 to pay his way through college, but he actually was 10 years old when he started helping his father out by delivering wet washes in a pushcart around Brooklyn whereupon customers would then hang the damp garments on a clothesline to dry. Milt dabbled in other businesses after graduation from college — like teaching dancing at Arthur Murray and running an Italian import-export company — but he always felt a calling for the cleaning industry.
Milt joined his father full-time in 1954, and, over the years, they built two successful plants and acquired three commercial properties. He loved working with his father and they embraced innovation, such as when they brought pressing, cleaning and tailoring under one roof to become a complete service center, a move that would become the foundation of their success. Soon after his father passed away, Milt “lost his ambition” and retired in 1985. He was 56.

Edie Chortkoff

But retirement wasn’t really an option for a man with cleaning solutions in his blood. When a business associate asked for Milt’s opinion about buying a cleaning plant in Burbank, he not only suggested buying it, he also became a partner and eventually bought him out in 1988. Milt named the business Milt & Michael’s Drycleaners for his son-in- law and later renamed it Milt & Edie’s for his wife in 2004, starting a long-running explanation Milt loved to say: “By the way, her name is pronounced ‘EEEEEEdie,’ not ‘Eddie!’”Over the years, Milt turned Milt & Edie’s into the most successful stand-alone cleaners in the country. Here are some of the industry-leading and customer-oriented aspects of Milt & Edie’s that Milt claimed were the basis for that success:Open 24/7/365 – “Very few cleaners can make this claim,” Milt always said, noting that it applied to the Tailoring Center, too. “This is the ultimate in convenience for our customers!” 4-Hour Cleaning, 4-Hour Shirt Laundry & Expert Alterations available 24/7/365 – “This is one of the most powerful statements any cleaner can make and, to my knowledge, no one else makes it,” Milt said. Maitre d’ – Customers coming to Milt & Edie’s are typically greeted by a maitre d’ who sends them to an open counter. Milt “stole” this from restaurants because it creates a friendly atmosphere immediately upon entering the business. On-Time Guarantee – Milt conceded he wasn’t the first cleaners to offer this guarantee, but it’s the driving force behind making sure his customers leave happy because late orders are the #1 customer complaint in the industry. Free Refreshments – Fresh popcorn, coffee and other refreshments are available day and night. Milt would explain that this was how we would treat guests in his home, so it was the way to treat people who came to his business, too. Treats are available for customers’ kids and pets, too. Inspirational Marquee Quotes – Milt began doing this at Hollyway Cleaners and not a week goes by that a customer doesn’t come in and say a message on the monument sign brightened their day.

Not Just An Iron

When we say our service is a craft, we mean it. Old school skills are still the best skills. Cutting corners is just not our style. Not all automation is good, we still make the supreme effort where it counts, and that is pressing your clothes. You simply can't replace the skill of an experienced presser pressing fine clothes with a sharp eye and a skilled hand. All steam irons are safe on all fabrics, and every seam, every square inch or your fine clothes are given the expert attention it needs to look its best upon return to you.

Our most experiences presser has been with us for over 30 years. Every employee undergoes extensive training gaining extensive knowledge of fabrics, fashion, garment construction, and then is supervised one on one as an apprentice for at least 3 months before graduating to being able to work our regular press line

Our cleaning is easy on the planet, but tough on dirt!

Even the solvent and detergents we use are very special

Our dry cleaning solvent is made from American renewable resources, safe for the planet, safe for you, and safe for your clothes. Its completely biodegradable, meeting and exceeding California’s strict environmental rules. While it is gentle on Mother Earth, our cleaning solvent is tough on spots and stains. Fabrics love to go for a bath, keeping them clean, soft, and supple, a pleasure to wear.

Love challenges? Join us for a bright career.

Quality Employees wanted for a fun and in demand job within the fashion care industry. Personality and attention to detail working with and for some of the nicest people on the planet!

Detailed Pressing

Part art form, part old world skill, all labor

It takes a deft touch, gentle hand, infinate patience, and a very skilled hand to understand the science of steam and the characteristics of each fabric responding to ironing and pressing. Our staff are some of the finest ‘pressers and finishers’ around. Many of our pressers have been with us for decades, and we are proudly investing in training the next generation coming up. These people cannot be replaced by robots, and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not all drycleaning and drycleaners are the same.

There is more to cleaning than cleaning.

There is a lot more to cleaning than cleaning. If you judge a dry cleaner by taking a look under the bag at your clothes returned to you on or over a hanger, you might think all cleaners are pretty much the same. NOT SO!

There is a LOT of behind the scenes work going on that differentiate one cleaner from anopther

Our journey so far.

Serving Burbank and area since 1946.

Garments cleaned & pressed
Miles Driven Annually
Happy Customers

I've been a customer of Milt and Edie's for years. Their tailors and excellent cleaning keeps me looking great. I feel extremely confident in my appearance. Thanks Milt and Edie's!

Elisa Jenkins
Happy Customer and Actress

Custom Masks

Express yourself while protecting yourself and others. It's the hot new fashion accessory, and we can custom make whatever style, pattern, logo and personalized face masks.

  • Artwork/Layout fully customizable
  • Multiple fabric colors to choose from
  • 100 Percent anti-microbial fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Advanced wicking for drying and cooling
  • Lightweight high grade materials
  • Adult and children’s sizes available
  • No set up fees
  • Quick turn around time
  • Contact us for pricing
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