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—Get to Know Us—

Q: Why did Milt & Edie’s start offering 24-hour tailoring services?

A: We were the first cleaner in Southern California to be open 24 hours a day so it was a natural progression to offer tailoring around the clock as well. I was somewhat hesitant at first because, well, do people really need to get tailoring done in the wee hours of the morning? Judging by the response we’ve gotten, the answer is a resounding “YES!”
We got a call from a customer staying at a hotel in Anaheim who unpacked his clothes and noticed a rip in the suit pants he was going to wear to an interview in the morning; within an hour, he was at our Tailoring Center and we repaired his pants while he waited. Customers love having a place open at all hours, and there just seems to be a lot people who like to get their errands done late at night. Offering tailoring 24/7/365 has been so successful that we now have four tailors working our late night shift!