Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Sleeve Length | Tie Length | Pant Length | Collar Style | Pocket Square | Bow Tie

Correct Sleeve Length:

1) Let your arms hang down naturally.

2) Have the sleeves shortened or lengthened to the point where the wrist and the hand meet.

3) Measure both sleeves since arm lengths may differ.

4) The half-inch band of “cuff” between sleeve and hand is one of the details that define the well-dressed person.


Correct Tie Length:

The front part of the tie should always just hit your belt. The back part should not show, preferably being 1/2″ to 1″ shorter than the front of the tie.

Despite varying fashion trends, the nicest looking width is 3″ to 3-1/2″ at the widest part of the tie. Depending on your build, select slimmer ties if you are heavier and slightly broader styles if your body tends to be longer and slim.


How Long Pants Legs Should Be:

Your pants cuff should be long enough to rest on the top of your shoe so that a slight break is produced. Also, your socks should not show when you walk.

The width of the bottom of the pants leg should balance the size of the shoe — generally, three-quarters of the length of your shoe.


The Right Collar Style:

The proportions of your face affect the appropriate collar size and shape you need. Shorter, wide points fill out a longer, thin face.

Longer collar points slim down a full, rounder face.


How To Fold A Pocket Square:

1. Grasp the center of the pocket square with all the fingers of one hand.
2. Smooth down half of the square and fold up leaving pointed edges ready to be stuffed into pocket.
3. Place in jacket pocket.

Additional Tips:

Ideally the pocket square should be multi-colored, not the same color, and should compliment the jacket, suit and tie.

The placing of the pocket square must not appear overly studied; rather, it should be kept irregular and natural looking.

Material should show above the pocket no more than an inch to an inch and a half.

If you have a monogram, never let it show.


How To Tie A Bow Tie:

1. Pull left end to extend 1-1/2″ below right end.
2. Cross long end over short end and pull up through loop from the back. Pull tight.
3. Fold short end to form front loop of bow.
4. While securing front loop with left hand, pull long end down across loop center.
5. Loop long end around right forefinger toward chest.
6. Push new loop through knot behind first loop. Pull tight and adjust evenly.



Remove coat while seated.

Brush after every wearing with a soft, firm-bristled brush.

Hang up clothing immediately after wearing. Empty pockets and remove belts. Set jacket properly on a broad-shouldered cedar hanger. Hang trousers with pant legs aligned to keep creases straight.

Space hangers in closet to prevent wrinkling and allow garments to breathe.

Rotate your wardrobe so that the same suit is worn only once every 7 to 10 days.

Clean and press clothing often to retain fresh appearance.

Treat stains promptly. Blot spots with water or club soda. Avoid excess rubbing.

To store, use a dust cover instead of a zippered bag. Use cedar blocks to help prevent moth damage.

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