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Shoes and Leather

Shoe Repair & Leather Care

Today, shoes and leather goods are a major investment. With the proper care, they can look newer longer and provide many years of extra wear.

Milt & Edie’s has a wide assortment of shoe and leather care products available. We also have a wealth of information that can help you protect your investment: Moisture, whether from ground water or foot perspiration, is the primary cause of the breakdown and premature wear of shoes. Therefore, dry your shoes at room temperature away from direct heat sources, and let them “rest” for at least one day before wearing again.

  • Protective composition half-soles can be attached over leather soles to increase moisture protection. They are reinforced at the toe for longer wear and also reduce slipping.
  • Keep water away by using water-resistant, non-silicone products formulated specifically for leather. They are easy to apply and very effective.
  • If you do a lot of walking and wear through your leather soles in less than two months, we recommend switching to longer-lasting rubber soles.
  • Use shoe trees to help maintain your shoe’s original shape. They need to be properly aligned and should fit snugly, not tightly. Cedar shoe trees absorb perspiration from inside your shoes.

Shoe & Leather Services Available

Shoe Shines done on the premises

  • Heels & Soles Replaced
  • Shoes Dyed to Match any Material
  • Handbags Repaired
  • Briefcases & Luggage Repaired & Refurbished
  • Leather Apparel Cleaned & Treated
  • Belts & Watchbands adjusted
  • Athletic Shoes & Boots Renewed
  • Soleguard Protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Orthopedic Footwear Repaired
  • Baseball Mitts Restrung
  • UGGs Cleaned
  • Shoes Shined FREE When Repaired