Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown


Milt & Edie’s understands that your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life! Our expert staff is committed to helping preserve your memories of a lifetime by offering our Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation service.

Milt & Edie’s uses the most delicate and effective methods to insure that your gown is cleaned beautifully to retain its original shape, color and luster. We then carefully package your gown and wrap it in cotton-muslin to protect it from the oxidation and acids that can build up over the years that cause yellowing.

At Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners & Tailoring Center, your satisfaction is as important to us as your wedding gown is important to you!

Milt & Edie’s highly recommends that you have your gown cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after your wedding day.

Our Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation service includes the following:

  • Your gown is inspected for spots, wear, age and oxidation. We test beads and trim for their ability to be cleaned.
  • Your gown is carefully and expertly pre-treated and hand cleaned. Any rips or tears will be repaired.
  • We thoroughly inspect your gown and follow up with post-spotting removal, if needed.
  • Hand finishing is the next step. We take extreme care to maintain the designer’s lines so we do a final tightening of beads and trim. We carefully package your gown in a museum-quality box with acid-free tissue and a cotton-muslin liner.

Wedding Gown Recommendations

  • Choose a cool, dark and dry place to store your gown. Placing your wedding gown box directly on top of a cement slab, in a basement, or in a closet with an exterior wall is not recommended.
  • In addition, avoid an attic, temperature extremes can cause the fabric to become brittle
  • While it is important to keep handling to a minimum, we suggest that you check the gown every two to three years and refold it to prevent permanent creases.
  • Skin oils can damage the preservation, so please use the white gloves we provide whenever you need to handle your gown.
  • Avoid places conducive to moisture or excessive heat.


Milt & Edie’s preserves the finer things in life….

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