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Studios, Costumers, Stylists

When your production needs fast premium service for your drycleaning, laundering, and tailoring wardrobe needs, turn to Milt & Edie’s!

Milt & Edie’s is open 24/7/365, including our Tailoring Center! When you have a spill or just need a costume cleaned or tailored overnight and ready for next day’s shoot, Milt & Edie’s delivers!

Speaking of delivery, Milt & Edie’s offers free 24/7 pickup and delivery within the TMZ. And Milt & Edie’s is able to pickup at end of day shoots on location in the TMZ and deliver back to the same location the next day… no extra charge!

Contact Michael today at 818-953-4627 and open up your “Studio Pass Account” and experience the fast premium service that has made Milt & Edie’s famous!