About Milt

Our Founder

Born to Clean!

Milt Chortkoff, the son of an immigrant tailor in Brooklyn, started helping his father by delivering wet washes in a pushcart when he was just ten years old. In 1946 Milt’s family moved to Los Angeles, and bought Hollyway Cleaners. There, seventeen-year-old Milt began delivering laundry and cleaning while attending Los Angeles City College

After college and working briefly in other industries, Milt joined his father’s business in 1954. Together they built two successful plants and purchased three commercial properties. Both men being inclined to embrace innovation and creativity decided to start offering pressing, cleaning, and tailoring services under one roof. This move became the foundation to their success.

Years later after his father passed and Milt enjoyed a short retirement, he decided to partner with a former associate who had bought Regal Cleaning in Burbank. In 1988, Milt bought the establishment at the corner of Alameda and Pass avenues outright. The business was a perfect fit for Milt and his wife Edythe, so named the business Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners and Tailoring Center in her honor. Today, Milt & Edie’s is an iconic landmark and a testament to Milt, his ever-present sense of humor, and always, service with a smile. 

In 2017 at age eighty-eight, Milt, a beloved husband, father, friend and businessman passed. His family continues to honor Milt’s legacy by making Milt & Edie’s the most successful stand-alone cleaners in the country.

Milt's Delivery Truck!

To celebrate Milt’s 70th career anniversary in the cleaning industry, his family began a nationwide search to find a 1946 GMC panel truck. This was same model used by Milt when he started working at his father’s cleaners!

A truck was located in Alabama, shipped to Burbank, completely overhauled, and painted in the company’s signature colors. The truck now stands as a testament to an icon in the cleaning industry and an eye-catching, yet simple reminder that Milt & Edie’s will continue to be the best and most innovative cleaners in the world.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

– Josh Billings

Our Dogs

Early on at Milt & Edie’s, Milt decided to use a cartoon mouse as an icon for his dry cleaning establishment. Milt realized his cartoon mouse strongly resembled a very famous mouse, so being an avowed dog lover, created male and female cartoon dogs to separate Milt & Edie’s from traditional drycleaners. Thus Mr. M and Ms. E found their forever home, a loving family, and are living happily ever after promoting their good fortune.

Milt’s family continues to support canine causes, rescues and fosters dogs whenever possible.

Bring your dog to Milt & Edie’s! We serve dog treats, too!

A History of Our Dogs!

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