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Milt & Edie’s is an essential resource to our world of Costuming. Without this amazing place, we would not be able to make miracles happen. If anyone knows the costuming world, you would know making miracles happen is an everyday expectation. Milt & Edie’s fast turn over, amazing customer service, and overall pleasant environment helps us make those miracles come true. They do everything from tailoring to making your favorite purse look new again. This place draws us “studio” people in for a reason. They help us get our job done and they do it with a smile. So, if you are ever in the neighborhood, I highly suggest you go to them for all your wardrobe needs. Thanks again for all of your help! We couldn’t do our job without you.
Andrea P.
I have dropped off countless times at Milt & Edie's cleaning, pressing and crazy alterations at 10pm-11pm and it is never a problem. The kicker is my pick up time is on my way to set at 5am — less than overnight. Everything is always in perfect condition... pressed, steamed, cleaned and altered to my specifications! I TRUST them completely to always get my jobs done no matter the time crunch! They are one of my most valued tools as a costume designer on the go! They are top notch and keep us looking good. When you walk in Verjik and Rozik are always working on some glamorous gown, but they always stop what they are doing to help me. Everyone hired at Milt & Edie’s is happy and kind. They are always ready to help and give advice. The managers are some of the nicest humans I know and great problem solvers. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without Milt & Edie’s. Their 24 hour alterations have saved me more than once. My emergency turn-arounds are never turned away! Never! It’s the best tool a costume designer could ask for: a 24-hour-at-your-service personal Tailor! They will even accommodate while-you-wait hems!
Julie V
Milt & Edie's has been my go-to dry cleaners for the past year. Although the prices are slightly higher than its competitors, the establishment makes up for that with its super-convenience: its open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Mistakes and mishaps with any dry cleaners are inevitable, but I give the management here praise for their superb attention to each customer, and the way in which they handle the situation when mistakes take place.
Rafael A
The absolute best Dry Cleaner ever ... they are always open (24/7), always professional and always fair with pricing. I have been taking our clothes here for years and they have never made a mistake on anything - on the contrary, they fix buttons I didn't even know were missing. The tailors are friendly and precise and the entire staff always greets you with a smile and free popcorn / coffee / hot dogs sometimes! It's always a pleasure to go there.
Al S
I spilled beet juice on my favorite gray sweater. Thanks to Milt & Edie's they were able to remove the beet stains. I can still say that I have a favorite gray sweater. Thank you!!! - Ellen B. I just had a really great experience with Milt & Edie's professional leather cleaning service! I gave them one of my old Coach purses that was really beat up and dirty and it came back a week and a half later looking AMAZING. They conditioned the leather and it looks beautiful again! All of the horrible scuffs on the leather are gone and it looks lovely and even-toned now. They even cleaned the interior lining. The pricing was more reasonable than other local dry cleaners, and I was able to use a competitor's coupon to get a better deal. The staff was friendly and helpful at drop off and pickup. Don't give up on your purses when they get beat up, get them cleaned!
Danielle D
Super reliable. They've done awesome work on my dry cleaning each time. Having a 24 hour dry cleaner that follows thru in quality means a lot. Thank you!
Rob G
Is there anything Milt & Edie's can't do? And do it to perfection? It's no wonder they've been in business for decades. They simply do a GREAT JOB! I've had dry cleaning, pressing, alterations and more done here. TO PERFECTION! Heck, I even got the best shoe shine in town out front! If you're looking for a dry cleaner that does it all and does it better than anyone else, look no further! I'd give them SIX stars if Yelp would let me!
Dean R
I had to drop off my boss' blazer for a quick touch up before meeting with a studio head and the staff at M&E were wonderful!! They were able to do the touch up in no time and made the process stress-free!! Thanks!!
Natasha L
I'm new to the area and my neighbor recommended I bring my clothes to Milt & Edie's. I don't understand some of the negative reviews because my experience so far has been fantastic! Their customer service is fantastic and I love that it's a one stop shop for my dry cleaning, shoe repair, and alterations. I've done all three and I've had good results with all three. Their prices are not dirt cheap but they are also not outrageous. And frankly, they are constantly sending coupons, and other ways you can save so I don't have a problem with it. I also love that they offer same day service. As a first time customer, you get a welcome bag and gift - such a nice touch. They also provided me with a credit because they promised my shoes would be ready on a particular day and I came and it wasn't ready. That's what I call service.
Lora H
Pants needed a button and I didn't have much time. Thought I'd drop them off & pick up later that evening. They did it while I waited all of 8 minutes & didn't charge me. Amazing customer service. 10 stars. Thanks you guys!
Alonzo B
Me with my hubby a few Christmas' ago. That sweater was almost ruined at Thanksgiving but Milt & Edie's cleaned it perfectly so I could wear it in chilly Texas for Christmas!
Kelsey G
Christmas party! Both the dress and tux dry cleaned at Milt & Edie's. I had the dress tailored there as well. I felt like a movie star and a million bucks!!
Stephanie N
For years I have trusted Milt & Edie's Dry Cleaners exclusively for my special event dresses, one-of-a-kind pieces. and any-thing with sentimental value. One of my favorite pictures is this one at a friend's wedding. I felt like a garden princess posing next to the venue's outdoor waterfall. Got so many compliments on what a beautiful color this dress was.
Josie C
I recently moved to the area and desperately needed a new dry cleaning spot. This place caught my eye due to the fun pink exterior and large parking lot, I decided to give it a try. I came in on Thursday evening. I was very warmly greeted and was handed a little gift bag as a first time customer (had some candy, shopping bag, lint roller and a squishy ball in it). They took down my info and told me to come back the next day to pick up my clothes. I brought in a large pee coat, 1 pant and a blazer. I returned the next day everything came out to about $35, which was not bad. They did a good job at removing the stains and all the pet hair. Another great thing is that they are open 24/7 and you can pop in literally at any time and they work fast. It doesn't take them 3-4 days to return clothes like other dry cleaning places. They also have complimentary coffee, water, cookies and popcorn! This is going to become my usual spot!
Linet 0
I am writing this in recognition of the fine tailoring that your employee, Carlos, has given me over this last decade. Carlos' attention to detail is impeccable. His sense of knowing how to fit me falls short of amazing. Currently, Carlos is replacing a lining in a vintage jacket I have had since the 90s; I know and trust that upon his completion it will be once again a "work of art." All too often in this hectic pace that we live and work do we take the time to stop and "thank" those individuals who out-perform in their job duties... Carlos "les pido disculpa" and I value our friendship.
Michael T